Tiket Printer

Main Features

Embedded adalah bagian dari tiket printer e-print yang menjalin komunikasi data dari dispenser dan komputer master (optional). Perangkat modul embedded adalah:
1. Tombol Keypad Heavy duty industrial grade
2. Layar LCD grafik
3. Reader Mifare Smart Card (optional)
4. Power Supply / Adaptor (mini printer dan modul embedded)


Tyre Inflator

Techinal Data Summary

Dimensions (Height*Width*Depth) 290mm*230mm*120mm
Net Weight 4kg/8.8lbs
Gross Weight 6.5kg/14.3lbs
Packing Size(Height*Width*Depth)170mm*500mm*290mm
Power Requirement 100-240Vac 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 10VA
Operating Temperature Range -20ºC/-4ºF to 70ºC/158ºF
Max Inlet Air/Nitrogen Supply 145PSI/10bar/1000kPa
Operating Range 5-102PSI/0.3-7bar/35-700kPa
Over Pressure Setting Range 0-29PSI/0-2.0bar/0-200kPa
Accuracy ±1PSI/0.07bar/7kPa
Resolution 1PSI/0.1bar/5kPa
Unit of Measurement PSI/bar/kPa


Adjustable OverPressure Setting (OPS)
Auto-start inflation
Automatic zero drift adjustment
Remain at last setting
Comprehensive diagnostics and error reporting
Audible and visual end of the cycle signal indicators
Large backlight LCD display
Vandal resistant mechanical switches
Suits Standard nitrogen bottle/ Direct nitrogen supply from generator/Air Compressor
1Nos*10m/32.8ft standard hose with single clip-on open type chuck
1400mm/55.1″ grey mounting stell stand base-Supplied separately

PA330-Multi function power meter

PA330 – Multi Function Power Meter

Main Features
  • Power Quality measurement in V/I THD, V/I unbalance, V Eligibility and Min. & Max. Parameters
  • With RS485 and Lonworks (option) communication protocol
Description :
Multi-Function Power Meter is designer for single and three phase power monitoring and measurement. Multi-Function Power Meter provides wide rang of measurements including current, voltage, energy, watt, power factor, watt-hour and frequency, etc. Multi-Function Power Meter also build-in RS485 can easily integrated with most third SCADA system.

DIN 96*96 standard compact size enable PA330 to be easily installed and its low cost and wide flexibility application also made PA330 a good choice for modern power monitoring.

power controller

PM3000 – Power Controller

Main Features
  • Power Controller is widely used for power monitoring and control in factory and building.
  • Manage up to 16 units of power meter
  • Rich electricity parameters and power quality display for main and sub-feeder meter
  • Power Controller is easy integrated with 3rd party supervisory control systems
  • Remote power monitoring and control via intranet/internet
  • Electricity demand control with 16 channel load shedding
  • Multi-tariff management with TOU (Time-of-Use rate)
  • Built in web server remote monitoring and control & data download
  • Automatic report and alarm status sending by E-mail
  • Front USB host port for data backup and program download
Description :
A Web-based Mini-SCADA for Power Monitoring, Demand Control and Report Generation
Power Controller is designed for modern industrial sites, commercial facilities and utilities power management. By integration of power monitoring, demand control, power quality analysis, report generation and communication, Power Controller fulfills all daily power management requirements. Power Controller combines the state of art embedded system with information networking technologies, a high performance power supervisory control system can be built at a fairly low cost.

PA3000 – Smart Power Meter

Main Features
  • Class 0.5 bi-directional energy and full power parameters measurement.
  • Block or Rolling power demand measurement.
  • THD, indivisual harmonics, and sag/swell power quality records.
  • Data logging for alarm, sag, swell events with time-stamped.
  • Report generation for daily and monthly power usage.
  • Communication interfaces : Ethernet, RS485.
  • Communication protocol : Modbus over TCP/IP for Ethernet, Modbus for RS485.
  • Smart Power Meter with up to 4 channels of re-transmission analog outputs for field integration.
  • 12 digital inputs for power system status monitoring.
  • 2 digital relays for kWh pulse or alarm outputs.
  • Automatic detection of voltage & current wiring.
  • Multi-language support.
Description :
Ethernet-enabled revenue class multifunction meter for power measurement, power quality analysis, and power usage reporting

PA3000 series Smart Power Meter is designed for continuous monitoring of 3 phase system. All essential power parameters including current, voltage, power, active and reactive energy are integrated in a single meter. Its bi-directional energy measurement and harmonic analysis function makes PA3000 suitable for modern industrial power management. The built-in Ethernet and rich communication abilities enable Smart Power Meter to be easily connected with most modern third-party SCADA systems.

PA310 - Clip-on CT Power Meter

PA310 – Clip-on CT Power Meter

Main Features
  • Clip-on CT Power Meter with easily wiring especially for on-line installation
  • Wide measurement range10(60)A, max to 1000A suitable for low voltage system
  • Wh accuracy better than 0.5%(pf=1)
  • Up to 10000 load profile records with configurable recording period
  • RS485 communication support Modbus protocol
Description :
Clip-on CT Power Meter is designed for electric power monitoring and load recording for single or three phase systems. It can be directly used in low voltage systems due to its wide range measurement (up to 60A). PA310 can also maintain better than 1% accuracy even under low current condition (< 5A), thus it still can be used in middle to high voltage system. The unique features of PA310 including:clip-on CT, bi-directional measurement, long time load recording, and standard communication.
PA34 - Compact Smart Power Meter

PA33/PA34 – Compact Smart Power Meter

Main Features
  • True RMS energy and power parameters measurement in compact size
  • Clip-on CT, easy wiring for on-line installation
  • RS485 communication support Modbus protocol
  • Wh accuracy better than 0.5%(pf=1)
  • Compact Smart Power Meter supports Lonworks (option).
  • Wild range of measurement with various size of CT , up to 200A(24Φmm)
Description :
PA33/PA34 are designed for general single phase or poly phase power measurement.
With wide range, Compact Smart Power Meter can be applied either on low voltage primary side or medium/high voltage secondary side for its high accuracy (<1%, IEC62053-21) under 5A current. Its compact size, easy installation, and low cost make PA33 suitable for modern electricity monitoring and load investigation.

Proximity EM RFID Reader \125KHz EM Card Reader

Main Features
  • Low cost
  • Long read range
  • Small outline
  • Wide voltage range
  • Potted for environmental protection
  • Externally programmable interface
  • Weather resistant

Mifare 13.56MHz RFID ISO14443A

Main Features
  • Reading distance: up to 50mm
  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Read Mifare UltraLight and MF1 Standard cards
  • Three -In -One interface, with Wiegand, MSR ABA TK2 and RS232 interfaces
  • Fast data transfer
  • Weather resistant
  • High data integrity
  • User convenience
  • Easy to install
  • Available to install on metal surface
probe long

CZ-GR Explosion-proof intelligent magnetic level probe

CZ-GR The explosion-proof intelligent magnetic liquid level probe is a high-precision displacement measurement sensor developed and produced by the principle of magnetostriction. It has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, stability and reliability, long life, compact structure, and strong environmental adaptability. It does not require installation on the top of the tank Can clearing is safe, convenient and fast.
This product is designed and certified in accordance with the requirements of GB3836-2000 “Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment for Explosive Environments”, explosion-proof mark: ExiaIICT6, explosion-proof certificate: CE092036. Electromagnetic compatibility design, with anti-static, anti-surge and anti-interference design.


Parameter / model CZ-GR probe
Measuring range 0.3~25m
Measuring accuracy of liquid level and interface ±1~1.5mm
Resolution 0.1mm
Number of temperature measurement points 5
Temperature detection range -40~55°C 0.0625°C
Medium density range 0.4~2.5g/cm3
Work pressure -0.05~10MPa
Protection level/explosion-proof mark IP67/ExiaIICT6
Operating Voltage DC12~24V
Working current Less than 50mA
Communication standard RS485
Material of probe float 316L


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