• Up to 100 meters Management : meter auto registration, meter time synchronization, regular meter data polling, meter event logging, meter profile logging.
  • Auto registration to center station.
  • Special functions AMI Concentrator support : regular reading, on-demand reading, outage report, TOU reading, demand reset, TOU setting.
  • PLC, BPL, WiFi to meter communication : Ethernet, GPRS to center communication.
  • Friendly graphic LCD display and local IEC1107, RS-485 ports for on-site operation and setting.
  • There are long life battery for clock and chargeable battery on AMI Concentrator
  • for outage detection




Embedded adalah bagian dari tiket printer e-print yang menjalin komunikasi data dari dispenser dan komputer master (optional).
Perangkat modul embedded adalah:
  • Tombol Keypad Heavy duty industrial grade
  • Layar LCD grafik
  • Reader Mifare Smart Card (optional)
  • Power Supply / Adaptor (mini printer dan modul embedded)



Main Features
  • Clip-on CT Power Meter with easily wiring especially for on-line installation
  • Wide measurement range10(60)A, max to 1000A suitable for low voltage system
  • Wh accuracy better than 0.5%(pf=1)
  • Up to 10000 load profile records with configurable recording period
  • RS485 communication support Modbus protocol



Main Features
  • True RMS energy and power parameters measurement in compact size
  • Clip-on CT, easy wiring for on-line installation
  • RS485 communication support Modbus protocol
  • Wh accuracy better than 0.5%(pf=1)
  • Compact Smart Power Meter supports Lonworks (option).
  • Wild range of measurement with various size of CT , up to 200A(24Φmm)



  • Main Features
    • Power Quality measurement in V/I THD, V/I unbalance, V Eligibility and Min. & Max. Parameters
    • With RS485 and Lonworks (option) communication protocol



Main Features
  • Power Controller is widely used for power monitoring and control in factory and  building.
  • Manage up to 16 units of power meter
  • Rich electricity parameters and power quality display for main and sub-feeder meter
  • Power Controller is easy integrated with 3rd party supervisory control systems
  • Remote power monitoring and control via intranet/internet
  • Electricity demand control with 16 channel load shedding
  •  Multi-tariff management with TOU (Time-of-Use rate)
  •  Built in web server remote monitoring and control & data download
  •  Automatic report and alarm status sending by E-mail
  •  Front USB host port for data backup and program download



Main Features
  • < 0.5% Wh accuracy compliant with IEC-62053-21, IEC62053-22 andCNS14607
  • Time-of-Use measurement with 4 tariff
  • Configurable season and holiday settings
  • Double RS-485 port for Card Reader and Up-Link communication
  • Remote connect and disconnect
  • > 10 years certified life
  • Built-in RTC with long life battery
  • Smart card prepayment and management with Card Reader (CR option)



Main Features
  • < 0.1% Wh accuracy over 2000:1 range.
  • Exceeds IEC62053-22/ANSI C12.20 standard
  • Single Phase Meter IC with high accuracy ADC with SNR > 80 dB
  • Single Phase Meter IC support CT and Shunt measurement
  • Built-in internal temperature and battery sensor with 10-bit ADC
  • Built-in PLL (32.768K to 16MHz)
  • DSP-MCU dual core with 8051 compatible programming
  • 16KB data memory space
  • 64KB program space
  • 5 Timers + Watch dog timer
  • 3 UARTs for IR, AMR and extended communication
  • Low power consumption RTC with frequency adjust capability
  • I2C interface
  • SPI interface
  • Up to 57 general purpose I/O pins
  • LCD driver with charge pump(up to 160 pixels)
  • Clock rate programmable and shut down for each block
  • 128-lead LQFP package