ATG Console

Tank gauge console is the tank monitor, one key part of the complete automatic tank gauging system. With the tank monitor, you can watch the detail information of underground storage tanks or aboveground storage tanks, like fuel density, product level, water level, temperature, etc. It is also the communication display platform between ATGs and users and has open communication protocol to fuel management system. Configurations like alarm value, tank information, etc, also can be user-defined.
SS160Plus tank gauge console is an enhanced console in Windbell console family. It offers a multi-function operation platform on colorful touch display. High-accuracy and strong data process ability, greatly improve the management efficient and save costs! The reliable performance have highly reputations from thousands station owners.
Whenever you need accurate inventory, delivery & sales data, Windbell can meet your requirements.
  • Automatically measure product level, water level and product temperature in real time. 5 points temperature sensing, and all changes inside tanks are monitored and recorded by console automatically, without any personnel interference.
  •  Scientific manage the product volume in every tanks; record time and date when shift duty; record delivery information including date, time, tank number, product type, loading volume, the volume and height before loading, the volume and height after loading; record product inventory; all records can be generated automatically, and you can print all if you need.
  •  Security monitor the product level in real time can help you avoid high (maybe over fill) or low product level (empty tank will never happen); Remind you to remove water from tank if too much water in tank; monitoring and warning system can protect your tanks, support standard static or dynamic leak detection on 0.38 L/H or 0.76 L/H.
  •  Data sharing system can automatically transfer data to other information systems, to extend management function.
  •  Operation language options have English, Spanish, Portuguese, Cambodian, will have more and more in the future. The local operating language can meet the needs of different clients from different countries, also can improve site management.

Flexible Probe Up To 15M

The magnetostrictive flexible probe use the magnetostrictive measurement technology to report inventory levels in storage tanks. The flexible probe satisfy the demand for a digital communication interface that offers the liquid level market unsurpassed flexibility to meet most process application conditions. The magnetostrictive liquid level probe provide 3-in-1 measurement for liquid level, interface level and temperature measurements. And there is no scheduled maintenance or recalibration needed once the sensor is installed and calibrated.

The output of magnetostrictive flexible probe is through ModBus, which is communicated via a 4 wire multi-drop power and data bus (EIA485). Utilizing the Bus network eliminates the requirements for individual cable runs from each tank and this data format provides a direct interface to most types of computers and digital communication equipment.

  • Magnetostrictive technology
  •  High precision
  •  Stable performance
  •  Free of maintenance
  •  Maximum length up to 20 meters

Density Probe Up To 3M

It is a new product developed by Windbell at 2015. Years of designing, researching and testing, the new product was born and can be sold on the market.
With the new density probe, you can not only measure the fuel level and temperature, but also can measure the density of your fuel and detect the disbursement of substandard fuel. It can be also used in chemical industry!
  • Maintain inventory control and in-tank leak detection functionality.
  •  Density measurement with high precision as ±0.5mm and reliable performance.
  • Detect your substandard fuel and protect your investment and your reputation.
  • Cost-effective and strong practicality.
  • Compact structure, save space.
  • Easy installation and free maintenance.

eFlow Console

Main Features
  • Graphics touch screen, international user- friendly icons
  • Real-time monitoring product level, temperature and water level.
  • Maximum 9 probes monitoring capability
  • Real time clock
  • English, Chinese, Russia and Vietnam language.
  • Auto adjustment on volume chart

Probe Up To 3M

Windbell SP series magnetostrictive tank level probe take advantages of Wiedemann effect, Villari effect and Ultrasonic effect of intelligent material, by measuring time value difference which can be easily measured with high-precision, to convert to displacement difference, can accurately measure the product level, water level and temperature in tank.

  • Real time data transmission.
  • Five-point temperature sensing.
  • Digital signal transmit with anti-interruption ability.
  • Maximum communication distance: 1200m.
  • High precision as 0.5mm and resolution as 0.01mm.
  • Leak Detect function: Standard— 0.38L/H or 0.76L/H.
  • More reliable, environment friendly, could be used in torrid climate and freezing climate.
  • Non-corrosion 316 stainless steel ensure longer lifetime in most petroleum products.
  • Trouble-free, easy to install and operate.
  • IP67 protection grade.