CZ-GR Explosion-proof intelligent magnetic level probe

CZ-GR The explosion-proof intelligent magnetic liquid level probe is a high-precision displacement measurement sensor developed and produced by the principle of magnetostriction. It has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, stability and reliability, long life, compact structure, and strong environmental adaptability. It does not require installation on the top of the tank Can clearing is safe, convenient and fast.
This product is designed and certified in accordance with the requirements of GB3836-2000 “Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment for Explosive Environments”, explosion-proof mark: ExiaIICT6, explosion-proof certificate: CE092036. Electromagnetic compatibility design, with anti-static, anti-surge and anti-interference design.


Parameter / model CZ-GR probe
Measuring range 0.3~25m
Measuring accuracy of liquid level and interface ±1~1.5mm
Resolution 0.1mm
Number of temperature measurement points 5
Temperature detection range -40~55°C 0.0625°C
Medium density range 0.4~2.5g/cm3
Work pressure -0.05~10MPa
Protection level/explosion-proof mark IP67/ExiaIICT6
Operating Voltage DC12~24V
Working current Less than 50mA
Communication standard RS485
Material of probe float 316L


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