Factory Energy Management Solution


System that is designed to improve efficiency of energy consumption, improve the utilization of the system, increase reliability, predict electrical system performance, and optimize energy usage to reduce cost.

Digitizing Energy Management :

Monitor – Regular collection of information on energy consumption in order to establish a basis for energy management and explain deviations from targets.

Analyse – An information system that stores and analyses energy-consumption data. It helps you identify trends as to how energy was used at various production levels of a manufacturing process or ambient temperature for a building.

Target – Setting targets to reduce or control energy consumption based on an appropriate standard or benchmark.

Control – Implementing management and technological measures to correct
any variances from target. This is a
conservative definition of an EMS
system and is primarily centred on
technology. According to the
improved approach, an Energy
Management System (EMS) is
people centric. It is incomplete
without “Engagement”.


Feature Highlight:

  • Web Based Application
  • Borderless Access
  • Real Time Data Capture
  • Advance Technology
  • Operational Ease


Application Stories


Bottled Industry Java n Sumatra
  • Energy and Production Monitor
  • Energy Monitoring: per-line, per-day
  • Water Input Monitor: per-line, per-day
  • Counting Product Monitor: per-line, per-day
  • Cross Report Energy per 1000 bottle
  • Cross Report Water input vs water at bottle
  • Implement at 12 factories



Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Energy Management System
  • Dashboard realtime and realtime Tarif
  • Monitor Ener gy
  • Monitor Electric quality: current, voltage, power, Var, pf, frequency, etc
  • Tarif for WBP, WLBP
  • Graphic web reports