PA3000 – Smart Power Meter

Main Features
  • Class 0.5 bi-directional energy and full power parameters measurement.
  • Block or Rolling power demand measurement.
  • THD, indivisual harmonics, and sag/swell power quality records.
  • Data logging for alarm, sag, swell events with time-stamped.
  • Report generation for daily and monthly power usage.
  • Communication interfaces : Ethernet, RS485.
  • Communication protocol : Modbus over TCP/IP for Ethernet, Modbus for RS485.
  • Smart Power Meter with up to 4 channels of re-transmission analog outputs for field integration.
  • 12 digital inputs for power system status monitoring.
  • 2 digital relays for kWh pulse or alarm outputs.
  • Automatic detection of voltage & current wiring.
  • Multi-language support.
Description :
Ethernet-enabled revenue class multifunction meter for power measurement, power quality analysis, and power usage reporting

PA3000 series Smart Power Meter is designed for continuous monitoring of 3 phase system. All essential power parameters including current, voltage, power, active and reactive energy are integrated in a single meter. Its bi-directional energy measurement and harmonic analysis function makes PA3000 suitable for modern industrial power management. The built-in Ethernet and rich communication abilities enable Smart Power Meter to be easily connected with most modern third-party SCADA systems.



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